Lucy Crow (Larger)

Lucy Crow== Lucy Crow appears on the game's introduction.She is also the first Soul Master the Soul Crasher(Player) has first met at the beginning of the game .


Lucy Crow,Eldus ,and Quinn were the ones who were in the tutorial mode to help new players who play in the Soul Crash Universe.She symbolizes as a valkyrie because of her crow-like equipment.Sometimes mistaken as a soul reaper to some players since because of her weapon and has an "eye" on her scythe's core.She also has some Mercenaries that can be equipped by the players.These mercenaries are Merceny,Mercedes,and Mozzi.Altough Midnight can be seen at Lucy's street,he/she's not available at the game yet.

On her information at the Soul Crash Team,all team Soul Crash members have bittersweet feelings towards her.Altough not portrayed,(at least yet)she used to be pure and righteous.Lucy was also one of the most powerful Grand Soul Master ever walked.Lucy Crow was called by Hazewinds due to her strength to have a chance to defeat Attila,and she also was the one who did the final strike to Attila the Terror ,the one whose name meant atrocity to the Soul Crashers and the one who once nearly tore down the Soul Core into ashes thanks to his merciless blade,which never stop bashing it.

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Soul Master




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Theories About Lucy's Former MercenaryEdit

OK,so I already know this a long time,but I didn't got to put it unto Lucy's,since I was so busy doing the boss's infos.Anyway,here it is.Edit

So Lucy has a former mercenary.It was Hanzo .Why did you asked that?Well,there are quite a few evidences.First of all,on the Soul Crash Intro  Hanzo ,Sera ,and Zanten have been fighting the Soul Warriors  .The blade Hanzo was carrying was from Mercedes and Merceny.Second,his equipment is much likely from Mozzi and Midnight's armor,except his is,well,silver,red,and black.Third,Lucy and Hanzo both have an animal symbol.Lucy's very obvious due to her name,which is a crow,while Hanzo is,well...I'm guessing an owl or a bat.I don't know if this made Lucy changed,or is it because of Antero ...?Edit

Yeah,I know.It's really short,but hey,at least I have evidences.However don't be so sure about this one,still,there are only theories,but a little or moderate chance of happening to the game.Edit

Photos of Lucy CrowEdit

Soul Crash Anime Sera,Lucy,and Terri

Sera,Lucy Crow,and Terri T (Made by Gaia)

Lucy Crow,together with Sera and Terri T .Edit

Soul Crash In Gaia's Intro

The video link is here:

Lucy charging up,together with Zanten ,Hanzo ,and Sera .Edit

Lucy Crow The White

Lucy Crow The White showing that there would be a Maintenance Break.

Lucy Crow The White Part 2

Lucy Crow The White showing her Full EX Form.

Lucy Crow The White Part 1

Lucy Crow The White's Cover Photo.

Lucy Crow EX

Lucy Crow in her old but improved armor

Lucy Crow EX with the Soul Warriors .(I think you should look unto see what I mean.)