Skill ShopEdit

Master Gin and Master Rye

Master Gin and Master Rye are both right you know.

Master Gin and Master Rye are the ones taking care of the Skill Shop.They help the Soul Crashers learn one of the boss's strong Counters that are available on the game.Course,others are not in the Skill Shop since some are powerful,complicated to harness the power easily,or when they have the time.The Skill Shop will be available for the Soul Crashers once they are Level 6 and above.

Description,Skills,and Tips About The CountersEdit

Let's start with the Pros and Cons about the Counters in here.Some are easy to master,some takes time to get used to,(especially when you just bought it)and some takes more than that.Anyway,let's start with the Soul Crasher's first Counter.Edit

Spin StrikeEdit

Spin Strike

Soul Crasher's First Counter

This would be the first Counter Skills your character,teammates,and foes would be using until you face Angus ,Terri T ,and after finishing Act.1-Your Journey Begins.

Pros of Spin StrikeEdit

-->It is easy depends on the opponent's attack pattern and distance.Edit

You know the attack patterns of Stab+Slash+Hit right? Then it'll be easy to harness this.It's like what Sir Eldus said;It depends on timing.All you gotta do is to hit this Counter to your opponent when they're doing the Stab+Slash+Hit pattern,and you can hit them.The distance is the one you need to worry,since sometimes,they are too far when they do this pattern,so you have to be patient.Or you can use this Counter when they're hitting you,close enough to hit them back as well.Edit

-->You can use TAG as a diversion.Edit

When the opponent keeps moving backwards while this Counter is still moving,press TAG when you have enough Soul Orbs to trigger this action.You can hit the opponent since they will move toward your next teammate,thus making them take damage when the Counter is unleashed.Well,it's a 50-50 chance since sometimes your opponent dodges your attack,since the armor's and weapon stats have been switched as well.So you gotta use this technique when you and your teammate's HP is getting low.Edit

-->This one is still good until you want to buy another Counter.Edit

No,really.It's still good.All you gotta do is to think of the opponent's weaknesses unto his/her currently equipped Counter,and you're still be using this Counter until another Counter interests you.This one is easy to master,unless you're not observing this Counter too much.Edit

Cons About Spin StrikeEdit

-->For beginners,they also need a higher weapon rating and a high skill level for this one.Edit

This Counter IS GOOD,but sometimes,you need to upgrade your Skill Level,and since this only has one attack,you also need Elemental Soul Cubes and tons of Gold to upgrade this skill.You also need a good weapon,so you need also tons of Enchant Stones,I hope you won't fail until you reach 20% or so.Better start killing,hope it won't take like 2 months to fully upgrade this one...Edit

-->Easily avoided by enemies.Edit

Yeah,you do know when to strike,but if they even THINK about using TAG or SOUL on you,you're doomed,you just wasted your one Soul Orb! Now you gotta take damage in order to get another.I just hope your HP is still high...and that your opponent doesn't have Bifrost or anything powerful like that...Edit

-->You're bound to buy another Counter after looking into the Skill Shop.Edit

I know,I said that you can keep this until you want to,right? However,sometimes,we can't resist unto getting much more powerful than this.Plus,as a pro would think that you're still a noob since you're still equipping THIS Counter.Sure ignore them,but after a day or so,you're soon to buy another Counter soon,unless you bought something else than a new Counter.Edit



Terri T,Salacia,Sera,Zanten,Balthazar,Marden,and Tix's Counter.

The second Counter of the game,Whirlwind.The one's on the Whirlwind's Photo Caption use it,so you better be a look out for them.I have known and used this Counter for a lot of months,technically one year and a half.So listen closely in case for newbies who are having trouble at Terri ,since I have seen a lot of comments in Gaia about Terri 's strength.

Pros of WhirlwindEdit

-->Makes enemies move forward when activated.Edit

Unlike most Counters,Whirlwind makes the foe move forward,but they'll mostly do it when they're far away.This could also let the 4-hit-combo plus 1 high-damage attack be inflicted to the enemy.This is also good for low-level weapons IF the Counter's level...well,let's say 3 or mostly 4 would be nice.Depends on your weapon rating anyway.Edit

-->Makes enemies use TAG all of a sudden.Edit

Well,unless the leader's next teammate is stronger than him/her.It'll also be good since you can inflict full damage already,definitely useful for bosses who likes to use TAG a lot.Edit

-->TAG would be useful.Edit

See,when your foe is far away but your Whirlwind is active (sometimes this happens I guess) you should consider using TAG to attract them since your character is like a background to the foes now.(even though they can still get damaged...well,it is to the program to the game,so...)Anyway,foes would go to your teammate and get damaged to Whirlwind,course,I just hope the foe doesn 't have a high evasion,or else you're just giving him/her some Soul Orbs ...Edit

Cons about WhirlwindEdit

-->It is easily Deflected/Breaked.Edit

You know,I'm starting to understand why Hanzo thinks she is weak.Whirlwind,which Terri also uses in the battlefield,is easily Deflected and "breaked" by almost ALL of the Counters in the game.When you activate Whirlwind,it could sometimes trigger the opponent's Counter,which would be Whirlwind's downfall,since like Ground Smash,Whirlwind is really not a defensive Counter when it is triggered,so you better be careful.Also,this Counter is easily Deflected once the opponent's guarding the Counter,which stops the attack and swaps in the foe's teammate.Edit

-->Soul Attacks will give you a hard time.Edit

Well,since Whirlwind is a vulnerable Counter when it comes to the spinning attack,Soul Attacks can not be blocked easily,and it'll be hard to damage the opponent using it,since Soul Mode also defends the one using it when they are going backwards.Only way to damage them is to either wait for them to go forward or to attack you.Edit

-->When you try to use Whirlwind and pressed TAG...Edit

...You just made it worse.Cause sine the game has been upgraded,Evade and Hit stats have become the opponent's advantage now,especially bosses.And also,don't forget,if the opponent dodges your Counter (after pressing Tag) he/she will gain Soul Orbs and at the same time,decrease yours,so think first before doing it,unless you would take the risk...Edit

Astral SplitEdit

Astral Split

Sobek,Salacia,Sera,Zanten,Balthazar,Marden,and Tix's Counter.


Ah,I remember this Counter.This was the Top Rankers always use.Well,that is,after Playplus added more Counters on the game,and now,I think it's now,on my opinion,Rank #5.Edit

Well,anyway,here are the advantages and weaknesses of Astral Split.Edit

Pros about Astral SplitEdit

-->It is a long-range Counter that can also reach opponents going backwards.Edit

Well,not most enemies,depends on how long they were going backwards.Just don't attack when they're already going backwards then using your Counter.Mostly when after drinking a Nuker,since it always activates one of the buttons,depends on how many Soul Orbs you have.I will add an Items & Enchant Stones Shop Wiki in here,so I'll explain once I got the pictures.Edit