Soul Crasher

Creating your Soul Crasher

Soul Crasher

The Soul Crasher is your avatar that you can create and use in the Soul Crash Universe.As you fight and regain your soul,skills,and memories,you will encounter bosses that block your progress.You must defeat them in order to go forward to your journey and confront the Soul Core.Edit


The Soul Crash Intro and Prologue explains a little about the Soul Crasher's memories from te past.However,the Soul Crasher was a promising warrior back then,rising to the elemental ranks of order.He/she was seduced by his/her own power,and also that his/her masters also pushed him/her too far into training,breaching the limits of his/her soul.He/She was left with no memory,almost also in the brink of death,and abandoned by those he/she once served.Edit

Now,he/she must regain his/her memory by fighting against other warriors,also teaming up with them,to regain his/her skills,strength back.But first,he/she must regain his/her true identity.Edit

The Soul Crasher begins his/her story by waking up unto a place unknown to him/her.He/she starts the battle with a Soul Warrior.The Soul Warrior asks what is he/she doing to this place and asks him/her to leave.The Soul Crasher said nothing,making the Soul Warrior mock him/her that  he/she is just another fool who couldn't master the power of the four elements,and that he/she is hopeless of surviving this battle with him.Edit

There's also a tutorial about the gameplay,so you would never lose to the battle to the Soul Warrior .After he/she defeats the Soul Warrior ,he was shocked that this warrior's amnesia hasn't depleted most of his/her power,but thinks that it doesn't matter,since he/she will die anyway when he/she cannot defeat the bosses.Edit

Sir Eldus,Lucy Crow ,and Quinn will help the Soul Crasher (which is you) to fight and regain his/her memory back and to regain his/her potential back to himself/herself.Edit

There are also battling against other Soul Crashers,fighting Elemental Warriors,fighting bosses,the Classics Season has rewards when you have enough Soul Points to be in the 1000 players,while Arena Tournament only ends in one week and can only be received by 1-300 ranked players.Edit

Theories About the Soul Crasher's MemoryEdit

Hey all,you're probably wondering why this game even started,I mean,it just showed some of maybe suspicious suspects,which is mostly Zanten since he appeared into the Intro first.(Well,except that Hanzo was the first one on the video .)Edit

Anyway,Gaia already told you.Well,except the fact that they may be posted it to somewhere else.However,someone posted it back,but I have no idea who was it.I think his name starts with the letter "S."Edit

Gaia's post said this,"This story is about a brave strong warrior,who is destined to save the world."Yes,but that doesn't show why the Soul Guardians and other bosses are attacking us.It just shows that they're trying to protect the Soul Core ,even though they already DID know what's this warrior's mission is.Edit

Come on,don't tell me after 2 years of playing this game,(except for players who just started,obviously.) you still haven't figure it out.Terri was the first suspicious one due to her first greeting to you.Course,after this,she informed Sobek about her defeat and decided to block the your path when you would be now going to be Lvl.20.He didn't said too many words,since Terri was telling the truth and the prophecy is true.He tried to defeat you,but he failed.He then informed the next boss,which was Hanzo .Edit

Like Sobek ,he waited for the right time to block the warrior,which is Lvl.30 to see how much you can go through his warriors he sent.After you defeated the amount of warriors you need to go through,he was then impressed by your progress and that Terri 's opinion were wrong about you being green.However,since he was a much experienced warrior himself,he then just set aside Terri since she is nothing compared to his strength.However,just like the two Soul Guardians,he failed to defeat you.Edit

News of you conquering Hanzo became known to these elemental warriors,since he is known as "The Legendary Ninja."After Allie hearing about this,she was confused,and decides to defeat you in a much earlier state to stop you and Lucy Crow for entering the Soul Core immediately.She then tried to give all her strength,but she also failed.However,she was the only one who didn't know your mission,course,because of her Lose Taunt.Edit

Now things are about to heat up,the four remaining Soul Guardians has found out your existence,and prepares for battle as you gain much more experience as you fight.Gibson blocked your path when you were almost reaching to Lvl.40.He then says that he can defeat you because it takes much more than your looks than his beautiful skills. (.....)Edit

However,he failed and got injured.Salacia knew about these news and awaits you no time at all when you reached at Lvl.43.She was furious about you defeating Gibson and wants to avenge him by defeating you.(No wonder Salacia 's Anime Form and Chibi Form are crying.You defeated Gibson ...)However,she failed,just like the others.But she is still OK,now that she can join Gibson .Edit

Now Sera knew about these news.These news are now spreading over the land like locusts spreading over the field.She must now end you quickly as soon as she encounters you.Like Hanzo ,she was impressed of your progress,however,she must end you right away.She may be strong,however,due to your experiences,you have defeated her.She then warns you about Zanten ,since he is invincible and has more experiences than the other Soul Guardians you fought and conquered.Edit

Zanten also knew about these news.As everyone did,he decides to wait for you at a designated level in order to get interested at defeating you.But you did it,and now,he quickly blocks your path when you were about to reach Lvl.50.Edit

He was still not impressed of your progress so far,even though you already defeated 7 Soul Guardians so far by now.Many players would found this a tough battle just like Tix 's.Anyway,after you conquering him ,he then realized that you have the strength as the other warriors have said,so he decides to let you pass unto the next warrior,Balthazar .Edit

Balthazar then heard this news about you,so he decided to wait for you when you reached the Lvl.54 state and was about to be Lvl.55.He doesn't have any business now except to destroy you,since you're almost close to the Soul Core.After still greetings of doubt,he said that the others were right about you not just being an ordinary mortal.(Looks like someone's still doubting about your strength...*sigh*)Edit

The next challenger you're gonna face is Tal .He is the one who wants to meet you much more than the others you have faced,since he HAS to see your strength,just like the elemental warriors proclaimed.He is also the key to entering the forbidden land,which is where lies the Soul Core .Edit

After a few minutes of battle, (players would have a hard time defeating him.It'll take like maybe 3-9 minutes to defeat him ,unless you have powerful COUNTERS and teammates.) he then let's you pass,thinking that you can defeat the other warriors that guards the Soul Core .Edit

Now news about you are taking it seriously now,all other Guardians are now lined-up,taking no chances of you passing much more to the lands.These warriors would do everything what it takes to defeat you.Course,just fight to the Four Inferno Knights ,(Except Ruka 's Lose Taunt.He feels relieved being defeated to you.CREEPY. *shiver*) but the one we're targetting at importantly are The Four Wicked Soul Witches 's encounters.Edit

They know EVERYTHING,almost everything that they almost give the answers too suspiciously after every battle with them.Course,they can't keep the secrets anyway,also it's gonna be found out,too.Edit

(Oh yeah,I looked the others on Youtube,but I also need their Win and Lose Taunts,besides,these Four Soul Witches  don't call themselves Soul Witches for nothing.) Laura 's secret was the warrior arriving,and asks that if you're the one they've been waiting for a long time.Anna 's was the witches knowing every secret they keep,including your identity,but they wouldn't tell us just yet.Margaret 's was the prophecy if she was defeated by you,which means her defeat would be spreading just like Hanzo 's,and that the prophecy was right all along.Bella 's....well,I'm not sure yet since I only saw her greeting,which is "How about a little fire,you scarecrow?"...That doesn't make any sense,so I asked Master Soll to get the Lvl.66-72 bosses to get both their Lose and Win Taunts.Edit

I'll be posting more theories in here,so might wanna check.Also planning to add the COUNTERS soon,just need to put the symbols.You'll see what I mean :)Edit