Tix,The Fourth Inferno Knight


Tix is the last of the Four Inferno Knights that you need to defeat in order to fight the next round of bosses,which are the Four Wicked Soul Witches.Arrogant Tix easily loses his temper,but always manages to win at the end.


Enemy TypeEdit



Inferno KnightEdit




Pyre AxeEdit

Tix has very powerful Counters ,and yes,all of them,except exceeded ESPECIALLY IN HIS ENRAGED MODE.You better be careful,Tix is no joke when you're fighting with weak-weaponed or even weak-armored teammates.I suggest saving your strongest teammates until you can finally challenge Tix.Edit

Tix faces the Soul Crasher ,determined to defeat this warrior and to not let him/her pass to get a step closer at the Soul Core.IfTix defeats the Soul Crasher ,he mocks him/her by telling that he/she lost on their battle with him and laughs.If the Soul Crasher has defeated the arrogant Tix,he asks to spare him,since the battle is over and that the Soul Crasher has defeated him,thus,completing his challenge.Edit

The next boss after Tix is Laura ,the first of the Four Wicked Soul Witches the Soul Crasher will first encounter.Edit

Basinet of TixEdit

Reward after defeating Tix.Edit


Battle TauntsEdit

Ready:Mark my word:You shall not pass!Edit


Lose:Spare me,please.Edit

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