Zanten,The Soul Guardian of Pyre

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Zanten is the second and last Soul Guardian of Pyre that guards the last area of Act 5:Triumvirate/The Battle.Beware,he lacks mercy and seeks vengeance.Edit


As said in Sera 's description/info log,Zanten's Counter  skills are purely random,so you better watch out and observe every Counter 's weakspots,or else,you'll wind up to the beginning of the battle again.Zanten,in appearance,represents as a dragonslayer and (if it WAS available in the game's sprites/BM) a demon on his Enraged Mode.This can be seen at the Soul Crash Intro ,where Hanzo ,Sera and Zanten make their first appearance before the game's introduction.Edit

At Zanten's Tips,it doesn't show why he seeks vengeance,but don't worry,you will see it at the bottom,which are theories about Zanten's vengeance.Zanten isn't impressed by the player 's strength since he expects much more experienced warrior,not a warrior who had an amnesia and suddenly confronts the bosses with ease and wants to confront the Soul Core.Edit

When he defeats the player,he didn't expect this to happen, (even though he expected someone else more formidable) but still claims the player's soul.But when the player successfully defeats him,he then realizes that this player truly has a soul worthy of respect,since this warrior has defeated every last Soul Guardian.(Well,at least for now...)Edit

The new kind of boss awaits at Act 6:Inferno Unleashed,and this boss is Balthazar ,The Elemental Disrupter.Edit

Equipment Set & WeaponEdit

Dragon Plate SetEdit

Each Zanten's armor piece of his equipment adds his Attack Stats by 9%.Full equipment adds his Soul Power by 45%.Edit

Sword of HorusEdit

Weapon Rating:9Edit

Added Stats:Attack and Defense increased by 25%Edit

MAX Enchant:9Edit

Battle TauntsEdit

Ready:I expected someone stronger than you...I expect a challenge.Edit

Win:Apparently,you don't have what it takes.Your soul is mine.Edit

Lose:Your soul is strong and indeed worthy of respect.Edit

Theories about Zanten's Vengeance and...Predicted Soul Mate Edit

Hello there,Soul Crash Fans!Today,I'm gonna tell you about why Zanten seeks vengeance to the Soul Crasher (as said on the Tips) and his predicted Soul Mate.Yes,I have proof!Anyway,here it goes.Edit

So the reason why Zanten seeks vengeance is kind of like Salacia 's.It is because you killed the previous boss,which is (you guessed it)SERA!Why does Zanten like to seek vengeance to the Soul Crasher ,you ask?It is because it is also a theory that Zanten likes Sera ,due to the little evidence to the Soul Crash Intro ,where Sera gets knocked by the Soul Warrior,Zanten jumps with his Enraged/Demon form and strikes the Soul Warrior with a powerful blow,knocking him back as well.So,meaning to say,he either protected Sera ,or he just striked back to prevent Sera 's health from diminishing.Also,think about it.There are so many connections.Hanzo hates Terri because she is weak,Allie and Sobek are maybe close friends(maybe,since because of Allie 's Win Taunt)Salacia loves Gibson because maybe Gibson gave the teddy bear to Salacia,which is shown on 2011 Soul Crash Chibi Wallpaper ,now Zanten has well,have a crush on Sera,however it doesn't show why he likes her,though...Edit

Remember guys,this is just theories,so I'm not really sure if all of these evidences are even real.So,tell me of what you think of this one.Edit

Photos of ZantenEdit

Anime Zanten

Made Zanten a little darker,by the way (Made by Gaia)

Zanten in his Full Anime Form.This background has been created by Gaia.Edit

Soul Crash Devil Eye's Sword

Zanten's Devil Eye Sword (Made by Gaia)

Zanten's Devil Eye's Sword .This sword can greatly increase your Hit Stat,so there's no surprise of how it can suddenly inflict Guard Crushers.Oh yeah,by the way,did I told you there's only 50 out of 99 are left to have a chance to buy it?

Soul Crash In Gaia's Intro

The video link is here:

Zanten charging up with Lucy ,Hanzo ,and Sera .

Zanten ENRAGED by Joshua Manuyag

Actually,no,this is Joshua Manuyag's avatar in Soul Crash but still looks like him,so yeah.

A Fan Art of Joshua Manuyag's avatar,however,this still looks like Zanten,so I added it here.Course,the ELX Goggles made it obvious.

A Friend in Need by Joshua Manuyag

Fan Art of Joshua Manuyag.

Another fine work of Fan Art of Joshua Manuyag's fine avatar,but the only difference here is the weapon,the ELX Goggles,and a Soul Crasher lending a hand.

Zanten Full Chibi Form

Zanten in his Full Chibi Form.Also showing pictures of the battle,challenge screen,and Soul Mode being activated.

Zanten EX

A preview of Zanten in his EX Form

Zanten EX with the background of the Colosseum (Soul Crash Vrs.)